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In order for our website to function optimally, we use cookies. They ensure that the website continues to function properly and that we can keep track of visitors.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer when you visit our website. Both Ten Hulscher bv and other parties can place cookies.

What cookies does Ten Hulscher bv use?

The use of cookies can be divided into a number of variants: functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Below you can read more about the function of the specific cookie on our website.

Functional cookies are used for you to be able to use our website without problems. For instance: think of the convenience of a product that stays in your shopping basket, even if you switch between the pro-website and the private website.

Analytical cookies ensure that we receive statistics from the visitors of our website. This gives us the opportunity to improve our website if necessary. These statistics are collected using Google Analytics.

Tracking cookies record your surfing behavior and give us specific information about this. This information can then be used to conduct targeted advertising campaigns using Google AdWords. The social media buttons on our website and our newsletters also contain tracking cookies.

How do I delete cookies?

Every browser offers you the possibility to delete cookies. How this works, however, may differ per browser. We therefore recommend that you use the "Help"-function of your browser to find the explanation for the removal of cookies and to follow these steps.