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Solid door fittings, window fittings and shutter fittings are very important when you have bought a door, window or shutter. Therefore choose qualitative hinges which ensure a good suspension to the frame. Here you will find an overview of our hinges, complete with the weight they can carry.

GPF0301.09 scharnier 89x96 mm L/R
GPF0301.09 hinge
  • Op voorraad
€31.47 per unit
GPF0302.09 scharnier 120x96 mm L/R
GPF0302.09 hinge
  • Op voorraad
€47.58 per unit
GPF0303.09 scharnier 160x96 mm L/R
GPF0303.09 hinge
  • Op voorraad
€55.36 per unit