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Stainless steel assortment

There’s something timeless about stainless steel. You can compare it with materials like leather or wood: all of them stayed stylish and loved over decades and decades. The bright shapes, lines and colours give stainless steel products its architectural, business look. Graceful side issues are left behind, and all the attention goes to smooth and sporty lines. The products in brushed stainless steel have a satin finish and visible brushing; the products in polished stainless steel have a fantastic shine.

Lifestyle Business & sporty

GPF’s stainless steel fits perfectly in the lifestyle Business & sporty. The modern look of the products is strengthened by the use of stainless steel. All these fittings can be used for both housing and utility building.

Door fittings in stainless steel

The concept of GPF CombiVari gives you complete freedom of choice in composing your favourite door fittings, security fittings (SKG***) and window fittings. It takes only three steps to compile the best door fittings of your choice.

1. Choose from our assortment your favourite handle in stainless steel.
2. Make a choice between a rose or plate and choose the version you prefer.
3. Add any extras you like such as a turn and release lock and admire your personal outcome!

Stainless steel long plates XL

For those who prefer really long: we introduce our long plates in extended XL-version. These plates have a length of 282 mm, which is 62 mm longer than our regular long plates. They are available in both rounded and rectangular shapes.

GPF Bouwbeslag RVS XL Langschilden GPF Bouwbeslag RVS XL Langschilden
Ika deurkruk

Ika: relive the ‘30s era with nostalgic door fittings in wood

Our ‘30s door fittings are stylishly finished with a wooden middle section. The shape that will be originated is the ton model. This typical shape characterises the ‘30s era, for this door handle was commonly used those days. When you want to mount your door handle outside instead of inside, our wooden middle sections are not suitable. It is highly recommended to choose an equal central part of stainless steel (in brushed or polished stainless steel, black or white).

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Hipi: characteristic railway hardware in the new

You may know Hipi from formerly used railway hardware. This ‘chemin de fer’ shape was found in steam trains and train stations in the ‘20s and ‘30s of the last century. It was a popular model that was executed in both round (our Hipi’s) and straight (our Hipi Deux’s) forms. This popular model can be combined with any GPF rose or plate.

Hipi deurkruk
GPF bouwbeslag RVS raambeslag Ika window handle in 30's style
GPF bouwbeslag rvs raambeslag

Stainless steel window fittings

Window fittings that join the door fittings in your house for 100% can be found easily with GPF CombiVari. All GPF door handles fit the window mechanisms of GPF building hardware. The assortment contains fittings for all sorts of windows.

Safety fittings and core pulling protection of stainless steel

Security fittings of GPF building hardware meet the high burglary proof requirements according to the Dutch certification institute SKG. When your product received three stars, you’re assured of a burglary delay of at least five minutes. Products with two SKG-stars guarantee you at least three minutes of burglary delay. There’s also the option to equip your security fittings with core pulling protection. This way, burglars have a hard time trying to pull the core out of your cylinder. With the help of these qualitative safety options, the chance of a successful burglary decreases drastically.

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Safety fittings in stainless steel GPF

Stainless steel pull handles

Our private label contains a wide range of pull handles in stainless steel. With more than 150 types of pull handles – delivery from stock! – our program is one of the biggest in the Netherlands. The pull handles have several shapes so you can quickly match them with other door fittings in your interior. There are examples in smooth, straight lines and classic models that fit in a '30s era home.

Pull handles in several shapes and sizes
Stainless steel furniture knobs

Furniture fittings in stainless steel

The right furniture fittings take your closet or furniture to the next level! Our wide range of stainless steel shows a lot of knobs and pull handles for your furniture. Many of these models can be combined perfectly with matching door fittings. That way, you develop one style through your entire house.

More products of stainless steel

Discover stainless steel in every part of your interior! For example, take a look at our doorbells, mailboxes, doorstops, sliding door bowls and our house numbers.

RVS mailbox
RVS coat hook
RVS sliding door bowl
RVS lift-off hinges


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your products in top condition. That’s why we advise you to click to this specific finish at our maintenance information page. Read this information carefully so that you can enjoy your building hardware for a long time.