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Door stops

To keep your doors, walls and plinths in great shape, it is wise to use a door stop. That way, you avoid scratches and (unnecesary) fixes. Our door stops are available in several finishes, sizes and variable mounting possibilities. You will find the perfect door stop for your interior, your wishes and – most important – your door!

GPF0735.09 RVS deurstopper 85x19mm
GPF0735.09 door stop satin stainless steel
  • Temporarily Sold Out
€5.70 per piece
GPF0745.69 PVD deurstopper 40x35 mm
GPF0745.69 door stop PVD brass
  • In Stock
€10.02 per piece
GPF0746.69 PVD deurstopper 29x48 mm
GPF0746.69 door stop PVD brass
  • In Stock
€10.02 per piece
GPF0747.69 PVD deurstopper 52x35 mm
GPF0747.69 door stop PVD brass
  • In Stock
€11.28 per piece
GPF8721.61 zwart deurstopper 25x44 mm
GPF8721.61 door stop black
  • In Stock
€10.84 per piece
GPF8721.62 wit deurstopper 25x44 mm
GPF8721.62 door stop white
  • Temporarily Sold Out
€10.84 per piece

Door stops for wall and floor

Are you thinking about buying a door stop? They come in all sizes and shapes. When you look at the mounting options, there are a few possibilities. For instance, you can choose to install your door stop on the ground. To do so, it is necessary that you drill a screw in your floor (for example in wood, laminate flooring or carpet). Another option is to use a wall stop. That way, you will not mount your stop to the floor, but to the wall next to the door. You place a short wall stop at the height of your door handle, for this is the first part of your door that gets in contact with the wall. Our long wall stops can be mounted on any desired height.

GPF wide range of door stops

The Dutch brand GPF bouwbeslag has a unique collection of door stops. They can be small (with a diameter of only 3,5 cm) and available in almost every GPF-finish. With this little detail on the floor, you can continue your favourite door fittings in your entire house. Please take a look at the stunning, matching window fittings from GPF as well!