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Door fittings accessories

Complete your door handle on rose with extra accessories. These door fittings accessories are a collection of items by which you create a beautiful finish for the lock on your door. You can use them as well to cover old lock holes.

Can you lock your door? Use the right door fittings accessories!

A considerable part of the interior doors that people use can be locked. For example, think about the bathroom, the fuse box and the entrance to the cellar. Door fitting accessories finish the lock holes in your interior door perfectly. They cover the hole in the door in a nice way and give an extra hold for a possible cylinder. Turn and release locks contain a rotary knob to operate smoothly.

Why are all door fittings accessories formed like roses?

You may have noticed that all accessories on this page have the form of a rose, whether it is square or round. The explanation for this is simple. When your door handle is placed on a plate, the space for a lock hole is taken into account. While the plate can accommodate the door handle ánd the possible door fitting accessory, this is not the case with a rose. You need an extra door accessory to make sure you finish a lock hole just as pretty as you would with a plate.

Pay attention: door fittings accessories are not security fittings!

Our cylinder roses have a lot of similarities with our security roses. But… they are not the same! There is a big difference between the quality of both, for door fittings accessories are only used for interior doors. Burglary protection has almost no priority for these types of doors so the quality of the rose can be less heavy. These accessories aren’t certificated by the Dutch SKG (which tests the burglary delay of door fittings) and they aren’t solid. However, these strict requirements do apply to our security roses. They are great for use on outside doors.