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1920-1930 era door handles

Nostalgia with warm wood tones

Our 1920-1930 era door hardware is stylishly decorated with a wooden centre in round shape. For outdoor use, choose a matching centerpiece stainless steel or coated black. Indispensable fittings for a 30’s atmosphere!

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Ika 1920-1930 era door fittings

1920-1930 era door fittings mix and match with GPF Combivari any GPF rose or plate. To reflect your individual modern or classic 1920-1930 style.

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Ika XL door handles

The XL door handles are larger than the standard Ika model. The trend of XL door fittings is also reflected in the thirties style. Available in types of wood, stainless steel and coated black.

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Door pull handles 1920-1930 era


Certified Security hardware SKG***

The Ika handle also fits our certified security plates from p. 54. So you can enjoy the highest security protection in 1920-1930 style.

Window fittings

The Ika window expanders are just as stylish as the Ika door handles with wood or stainless steel optional. GPF Combi Vari gives you the opportunity to mix and match Ika door handles to our window locks and (lockable) tilt and turn mechanisms.


Please read the maintenance instructions carefully for maximum enjoyment of the products.

Showroom and sales

Please contact our agency Kirkpatrick for more information. They will be happy to provide you with expert advice. You are also welcome to visit the showroom at Walsall where you can view a part of the collection. .