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GPF buildilng hardware finish blue

Blue assortment

Blue mirrors peace, endless skies and rippling water. Besides, it is the perfect colour for children. Especially boys feel attracted to cool blue. That’s why GPF building hardware developed a unique line of door fittings in this bright colour for those who love it.

Lifestyle Tailored colours

Discover the possibilities of our door fittings in vivid colours. These cheerful door handles can be adjusted to your personal wishes – or those of your children!

GPF CombiVari: choose your personal door fittings

The unique concept of GPF CombiVari offers you the possibility to compile your own door fittings. You have complete freedom in determining every part of the fittings: from the door handle to the rose or plate. It takes only three steps to design your perfect door fittings. Challenging and fun!

Happy father and son

Aluminium door fittings in blue

The interactive concept GPF CombiVari helps you out in your search for the perfect door fittings. Choose a single door handle and complete it with a rose or plate in the same colour.

1. Choose from our assortment your favourite blue handle.
2. Make a choice between a rose or plate and choose the version you prefer.
3. Add any extras you like such as a turn and release lock and admire your personal outcome!

Become the designer of your own door handle

Have you collected a perfect set of blue door fittings? You can combine it without any problems with other door fittings of GPF building hardware. For instance, you can choose to give the inside of the door of the children’s playroom a playful blue door handle, while the outside of the door gets a door handle in stainless steel. That way, your corridor or overflow stays in one style. The inside of each room can be personalised perfectly this way.

Bathroom for kids

Choose contemporary blue

The colour blue is available in a lot of variants and colour shades. Newborn baby boys get often pampered with baby blue. However, the door fittings in this spicy blue will be loved by older, cool kids as well. And what about blue door fittings as an original decoration of the men’s room in café’s or restaurants? You immediately create clarity, especially when the ladies room is indicated with a door handle from our pink assortment.

Single door handles in blue
Bathroom for kids


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your products in top condition. That’s why we advise you to click to this specific finish at our maintenance information page. Read this information carefully so that you can enjoy your building hardware for a long time.