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GPF building hardware in PVD anthracite

PVD anthracite assortment

The terms ‘durable’ and ‘strong’ fit our PVD anthracite perfectly. The anthracite has a deep, intense grey/black colour. Because of the stainless steel base of the products in PVD, you create an industrial yet warm appearance.

Lifestyle warm dynamic

Modern, dynamic shapes and beautiful colours combine perfectly with modern, light interiors and warm, dark ones. The PVD coating is protected against weather influences and intensive use.

Stylish door fittings in anthracite

The interactive concept GPF CombiVari helps you out in your search for the perfect door fittings. Choose a single door handle and complete it with a rose or plate in the same colour.

1. Choose from our assortment your favourite PVD anthracite handle.
2. Make a choice between a rose or plate and choose the version you prefer.
3. Add any extras you like such as a turn and release lock and admire your personal outcome!

Cosy interior

PVD anthracite safety fittings SKG***

Safety fittings of GPF building hardware meet the highest burglary proof requirements of the Dutch certification institute SKG in collaboration with the Dutch hallmark ‘Safe living’. The security fittings in PVD anthracite are available in both a complete set with both inside and outside fittings, or single parts that can be compiled. This gives you all the freedom you need to choose your favourite safety fittings in this striking colour.

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Safety fittings in PVD anthracite

More products in PVD anthracite

The varied programme of GPF’s PVD anthracite contains a wide range of products. This finish provides solutions in the form of entrance door knobs, doorbells and letter plates.

Front door knobs in PVD anthracite
Doorbells in PVD anthracite
Letter plates in PVD anthracite
Safety fittings in PVD anthracite


Proper maintenance is essential to keep your products in top condition. That’s why we advise you to click to this specific finish at our maintenance information page. Read this information carefully so that you can enjoy your building hardware for a long time.