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GPF bouwbeslag finish pvd antraciet GPF bouwbeslag finish antraciet

PVD anthracite assortment

Durable and strong are words which fit this finish. The anthracite has a deep intense grey black filling. The PVD products are made of stainless steel which creates an industrial look. The PVD coating provides excellent protection against influences caused by the weather and intensive use.

Lifestyle warm dynamic

The modern dynamic shapes with a warm color fit in a modern light interior as well as in a warm dark interior. The products are provided with a strong PVD coating making them excellent for outside use.

PVD anthracite door fittings

With the GPF CombiVari concept you will have the complete freedom of choice in assembling your door fittings, security fittings SKG *** and window fittings. In three steps you put together a unique set.

Anthracite security fittings SKG***

Security fittings from GPF architectural hardware meets the highest burglary resistant requirements of the Dutch Certification Institute SKG (Foundation for Quality Facade constructions) in collaboration with the Dutch security label PKVW.

More information

More products with PVD anthracite coating:

Entrance door knobs, bell pushes and letter plates.


Please read the maintenance instructions carefully for maximum enjoyment of the products.