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GPF bouwbeslag finish aluminium GPF bouwbeslag finish aluminium

Aluminum assortment

The material aluminum with pearl F1 finish ensures a beautiful sparkle! The door fittings of GPF aluminum have sleek, architectural lines. It is organised, beautiful and it has a fixed structure. We get inspiration out of the many shapes that surround us every day. Is it the shape that inspires us or is it the emotion? Door fittings are based on the same type of form.

Modern self-conscious

Strikingly modern in a special jacket. The F1 pearl finish of the aluminum makes sure the door fittings do not go unnoticed by its users.

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Aluminum door fittings

With the GPF CombiVari concept you will have the complete freedom of choice in assembling your door fittings, security fittings SKG *** and window fittings. In three steps you put together a unique set.

GPF Combivari aluminium
GPF aluminium deurkruk
GPF aluminium deurkruk


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