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GPF bouwbeslag finish koper GPF bouwbeslag finish koper

PVD copper assortment

Our PVD copper products have a warm and intense colour. The red-brown colour of the copper provides a rich experience. The base material of the products is stainless steel, finished with a strong PVD coating in copper colour.

Lifestyle Warm and Dynamic

The modern dynamic shapes with a warm colour both fit in a modern light interior as well as in a warm and dark interior. The products are equipped with a strong PVD coating, making them excellent for outdoor use.

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PVD copper door fittings

Our GPF CombiVari concept gives you a complete freedom of choice while assembling your door fittings, safety SKG*** fittings and window fittings. In just three steps you will be able to create your own personal and unique set.

GPF Combivari pvd koper
GPF pvd koper
GPF pvd koper deurkruk

PVD copper security fittings SKG***

Our range of security fittings meet with the highest requirements of the Dutch certification institute SKG (foundation for quality facade constructions) in cooperation with the Dutch police label for safe living.

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More PVD copper products:

Entrance door knobs , bell pushes and letter plates .


Please read the instructions carefully for maximum enjoyment of the products.